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Chirripó Valley Has a New Website!

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We are excited to launch the new Chirripó Valley community website! This website will feature the products and services of local Ticos within the community. Our online directory will include workers & laborers, artists, teachers, chefs, drivers, and everything in between!


The goal of this project is to help the local Costa Rican community by providing them an online presence for their goods & services. Many Ticos can not afford a normal website, so this Chirripó Valley website aims to help them advertise. Many foreigners & tourists have no idea of the talent & services this community offers.


While we do allow foreigners and non-locals to post their goods and services as well, the goal of this website is mainly to empower Costa Ricans. That is why we list information from Ticos at no cost, but ask that foreigners pay a monthly fee to advertise.


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